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mental health RESOURCES

This is designed to be a safe space - if you're struggling with any number of things, please know that you can come here to find resources and websites to help. This is not a replacement for professional help, but hopefully will provide you with some options for where to start.

If there are resources not available here that you wish to see - please email!


BetterHelp - Online counseling

GoodTherapy - Locate therapists in your area

WeCounsel - Locate therapists in your area/available online

Counseling Resource

Mental Health


National Sexual Assault Hotline - call 800.656.HOPE

Military Sexual Assault Hotline - call 877-995-5247

RAINN - Anti-sexual violence organization

It Happened to Alexa - Legal resources for survivors during criminal proceedings

Safe Horizon - Provides legal aid/advocacy

Changing Our Campus - Resources for college students

1 in 6 - Support for men/male victims

FORGE - Transgender anti-violence organization

substance abuse