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We are beyond excited to announce the completion of the first round of the She Helps program. In June of 2017, we opened up an application process for 3 women to receive || 8 weeks of FREE nutrition counseling from a Registered Dietitian. ||

After 50 applications in 2 days, 2 additional spots were added and we received a total of: 
95 applications for 5 open positions.

With the help of two incredible Registered Dietitians, Dylan Bair & Ellen Ratliff, we awarded five women positions in the program. You can read about their experience below!

Elizabeth Franczak

"A little over a year ago, I was an active person who didn’t have to worry much about my diet. I ate whatever I wanted and was happy with my weight and body.

Soon my whole life changed, and at the age of 25 I had a stroke. I had to relearn how to work my body, balance, and even walk. I was unable to do any activity other than therapy for about four months, and I could feel my body becoming someone else’s.

I tried many different diets/workout plans, without a great deal success due to my metabolism being off track and my fatigue being extreme.

With my wedding fast approaching, I knew I needed help so I could fit into the gorgeous gown I purchased to wear when I married the man of my dreams.

I reached out for help from the She Matters Mvmt, and with their assistance as well as the help of my amazing coach Dylan Bair with Bair Aesthetics, I’m learning how to fuel my body and become myself again, and more!

Because of them, I was empowered to discover my capabilities as a female and as a human being. I am so fortunate and grateful to have had my life changed by them and am so excited to carry on the knowledge I’ve learned during my journey, which is still continuing!"

Liza Goedde

"I just finished my 6th week with Ellen, and I'm definitely planning on cherishing these last few weeks with her. I feel like I've learned a lot and I'll be sad to be done in two weeks! Working with Ellen has been SO helpful for me.

She really listened to what I wanted and needed in addition to reassuring me whenever I was having issues. Ellen helped me to figure out where my maintenance calories are at without doing crazy amounts of cardio a day-in fact, she has been helping me to slowly decrease it this whole time! It has also just been really nice to have someone to talk to and get feedback from every week. 

I can't thank you enough for the opportunity to do this. Being a college student with an extremely limited budget, I never would've thought that I had a chance at getting this kind of one-on-one attention, and I just feel so blessed to have gotten to do this!! I am so so grateful."






"Little did I know was this the beginning of a new outlook on how I viewed 'dieting,' eating comfortably and being happy with myself. Dylan introduced me to the macro-nutrient world and taught me wonders of flexible dieting and that I could be on a "diet" while still eating fun enjoyable foods. Before this journey I knew nothing about flexible dieting, macros, how to read nutrition labels, and what I was really putting into my body. Not only did I learn a whole lot during my 8 weeks with Dylan, but I also learned a lot about myself with trusting the system. Week 1, I started at roughly 142 lbs and felt run down and constantly tired. By the end of week 8, I was down to 126, a total 16 pounds and feeling amazing. I made a huge mistake by not doing this earlier because Dylan deserves to be recognized for all he's done for me physically, mentally, and emotionally."


"I only have great things to say about this program. The She Helps program helped me realize how I can be happy in my own skin. It started from being connected with you on Instagram! Seeing all your posts made me realize fitness doesn't mean shredded abs and competing! Being fit and healthy doesn't mean having zero cheat meals and never skipping the gym. You helped me realize through your Instagram posts that fitness is a journey and it's self love. As for working with Dylan, it was hands down the best coaching experience I have ever had. I learned so much about what my body actually needs and how quickly it can show progress under the correct protocols. The She Helps program was honestly my saving grace physically and mentally. I cannot thank you and Dylan enough. I loved every minute of it and I thank you deeply for this opportunity.