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she matters x la clé

We are incredibly excited to announce our collaboration band with La Clé - the Relevant band! This band, in addition to being a reminder that YOU MATTER, will help future generations make a difference by funding the She Cares + She Empowers fund.

The She Cares scholarship program will begin accepting applications in Spring 2018 for entering college students that dedicate their time to uplifting & encouraging the women around them.

Two scholarships will be offered in 2018:

She Cares Scholarship

She Empowers Scholarship (as partnered with Emily Duncan + EMPower)

$1 from every Relevant band sold will go towards funding these scholarships over the next year so we can provide as much assistance as possible for young women that work to change the world. 

In addition, La Clé has awarded the Relevant band $500 for the band design that will be donated directly into the scholarship fund.

So what does this mean for you?

Every purchase you make serves as a reminder that you are important, you are valued, you are relevant - and that YOU MATTER. Not only do you empower yourself, you empower other young women and become a part of something larger. You show them that kindness pays off, and that they are never alone.

Our Past Work

In the spring of 2016, La Clé and She Matters partnered to bring over 240 Refocus bands to high school girls thanks to your purchases & support. These bands serve as a reminder of some things we all need to remember, including:

"Actually, you can."

"Progress, not perfection."

"It doesn't matter what they think."